As a founder, you get financial freedom and see exponential growth in your brand and core values while continuing to profit from it.
We collaborate with E-commerce brands and scale them
Inner System is a forward-thinking biotech and investment enterprise that redefines the concept of well-being and longevity.

Our focus is to provide comprehensive solutions in key health areas, including Mental Health, Gut Health, and Longevity.

We combine modern scientific approaches with traditional natural components to create a better way for humans to thrive in today's world.
About us
Our mission
is to scale great ideas and high-quality brands to worldwide known brands using technologies, expertise, and additional investment.
Our approach lets us acquire your brand in just a few months, from initial contact to deal closure. Payments are arranged in under 4 weeks! Share your brand details, and we'll get in touch with you!
How do we work with brand founders?
Breaking the Ice: Getting to know your brand and company details
Signing a confidentiality agreement
Business evaluation and performance analysis of the company
Due diligence procedure and deal closure
Onboard and accelerate your Brand
Conduct a couple of Zoom meetings.
Discussing the structure of your business, your preferences, and other details of mutually beneficial cooperation.
This ensures data safety, and confidentiality from third parties, and precludes us from using the data for the competition.
Evaluation takes up to 2 business days.
We will need your operational financial indicators for the last 12 months to present you with the best possible offer.
We plan a strategy of growth to get your brand revenue to 10x and beyond in 2 years.
Up to 4 weeks.
After our offer is accepted, we will start preparing a sales contract that formalizes the terms of the purchase of your business.
How do we add value?
We invest extensive funds into your brand to ensure sustainability and growth.
Go Global
Apply expertise and data to take American brands global by developing relevant products, packaging, and optimizing the global supply chain.
Optimized operations
We expand and optimize distribution to improve availability.
Digital brand building
Getting advantages of social media, performance marketing, and influencer networks to build digital-first brands.
Enter Your Annual Revenue:
Input your total revenue from the past year into the box. This reflects your earnings from the previous year.

Calculate Your Estimate:
The calculator will generate an estimated revenue after the brand acquisition.
Calculate your brand acquisition revenue potential effortlessly with our on-site calculator
Note: This is an estimate, not a guaranteed value. For more details on the brand acquisition process and potential earnings, consult our team.
We help growing brands make it big through our own expertise. Our data-driven approach, supply chain management, growth hacking marketing, and financial prowess are here to skyrocket your brand and grow together.
Meet our team
Oleg Kharuk
Founder and inspirer
Oleg Kharuk
Founder and inspirer
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